Declutter Before You Move

Moving Soon? Here's how to make it easier.


Moving can be a daunting task, between getting the utilities switched, packing, switching the kids schools and maintaining a 40 hour work week, it can overwhelm anyone.

Here's a few tips to help make your move smoother.

  1. Declutter first - often times we pack things in boxes we no longer want or need. This means more time packing and more money spent on boxes. Simply grab a garbage bag and throw away everything you don't want or need.

  2. Larger Items - Call a Tampa junk removal company to get rid of larger items you no longer want or need.

  3. Donate - Most Junk Removal companies will donate items for you and send you the receipt so you can take the tax deduction! Donate anything that is still usable or may help someone less fortunate.

Need Junk Removed? Call or text 844-UFO-JUNK today and get a free quote!

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