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Trash Talk

We might be extraterrestrial beings, but we know TRASH! Here are some things we find helpful on our home planet and we want to share them with you!

Declutter, Downsize... Donate?

So what to do about all the clutter?

For many people, the first thought is to throw it all out. And, while that may be a proper end for some of your "junk" it shouldn't be the first or only choice. If your excess stuff is usable and could be used, donating it should be your first option. 

This might still be a bit challenging as many charitable organizations and thrift shops are still in the process of re-opening, or not open at all. What you do not want to do is simply "dump" your donations outside their premises. 

If you find that you have a large amount of unwanted things that someone else might be willing to pay for, then selling your excess stuff can be a profitable way to declutter and unload what you no longer want or need. The old-fashioned yard sale is still in fashion and can be carried out in many places while maintaining proper social distancing and other coronavirus protocols. 

Another option, of course, is to try selling your things online. The number of online selling and marketplace sites keeps growing and their are literally dozens of venues you can try.

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